It used to be that only women and male bodybuilders or swimmers would be concerned with removal of body hair on every part of the bodies except their heads. Most cultures prize having a full head of hair but want to remove every other hair follicle on the body. Well, except for mustaches and beards on men that have made a resurgence due to millennial hipsters. Places, such as IPL hair removal in Singapore, specialize in permanent hair follicle removal. The process actually eliminates each follicle's ability to make hair. It is a process done wherever you do not want hair to grow back.

If you are a woman, you are probably very familiar with needing to shave your legs on a regular basis or use depilatory creams and foams. ...continue reading We Want Hair on Our Heads but Nowhere Else!

At first I was not going to go along with it, but I decided that there was not much to lose and that the only way to end it was to take this girl out. When I met her I was surprised at how attractive she is, but she has a really quirky personality and it is really hard to grasp at what she is saying some of the time. She told me that she works at this Singapore eyebrow embroidery place, but that did not really inform me of much. I just looked at her as though she were from outer space. ...continue reading My Friend is Trying to Fix Me Up

I have been running a really small business for about 5 months. I started out with a small budget and I have been growing little by little. I ended up hiring two people to help me out. I sell thrift shop items online through an auction site. When my employees told me they needed real check stubs I was a little worried about how I could go about doing that. Just as I mentioned previously, I am not making a lot of profit yet. I really worried it would cost me big money.

First, I started looking around at some very popular shopping sites to see what kind of software is available for me to use. ...continue reading This Worked for Me Much Quicker Than Expensive Software

I was helping my Dad out the other day and I realized that he must have had about thirty garbage bags full of crushed aluminum cans behind his garage. They were all covered up with this great big green tarp and at first I had no clue what could have been under there. Of course he explained that he was waiting for scrap metal prices to go back up. He said that he would take them up if the price got back up to sixty five cents, which is almost a quarter more than the current price of aluminum cans apparently. Of course that makes a lot of sense. ...continue reading My Dad Has a Whole Lot of Crushed Cans

I finally finished building my new computer, although it took me a bit longer than I expect. I messed up when I put in the motherboard and so I had to do that over again, but first I had to get them to replace the motherboard. After I got it together, it really was a lot faster than the old computer. The big thing was getting my accounts transferred I ended losing the password somehow and had to get it reset with an email from That really did not take that long, but then I had to try to get the computer set up for all of the stuff that I do on a daily basis. There are a lot of software on my old box that I no longer have the codes for and so I can not really transfer them to the new machine. I have been searching through my home office for all of that sort of thing. ...continue reading FInished Building My New Computer

We had to move, but we needed to find a new place that would let us bring our dog. There are more places now that are pet-friendly, but not every apartment complex is. We found some downtown Asheville apartments that are nestled in among trees that are okay with us bringing our dog. Like the other places that let you bring a pet, they just have you pay a security deposit on your pet and a rental fee for them to live in your apartment with you. Years ago landlords did not allow pets because of bad owners who left a mess behind when they moved. It is getting better now that many pet owners treat their pets like kids. We even have medical insurance on our dog.

Our dog is not messy. I think I shed more than she does. We are very clean about her too. She goes to the groomers more often than my wife goes to the hair salon. ...continue reading Moving to Downtown Apartments in Asheville with Our Doggy

I work from home, so when my husband told me we had to move, the first thing I did was check out Internet availability in the area where he was being transferred to. He does the majority of his work at the office, so it would not matter to him what kind of Internet connection we had. I don't have that luxury though, but it turned out to not be a problem. When I saw that I would be able to get FiOS, all of my worries disappeared. I have had FiOS for the last few years before we had to move, so I was happy that I would be able to carry on with it in our new home.FIOS_ONT-766467 ...continue reading I Needed a Good Internet Connection

I started vaping when the technology was first developed for commercial use. I guess I was an early adopter. It was when I read the Firefly vs Pax vaporizer review that I decided to really up my vaping device to the next level. I have tried pretty much every flavor or at least a few in each class. I like some of the real candy-like flavors. Some have a real odd taste though. I seem to be fond of anything with banana flavoring in it. I also like a few of the tobacco flavor mimics. They are not exactly like my favorite brand of cigarettes, but the flavor is so close that it is comfortable. ...continue reading Vaping Technology Has Really Come a Long Way SInce Those First E-Cigs Hit the Market

When I decided to learn more about gout, I honestly did not expect to find all of the information that I did on it. I was just hoping to understand this form of arthritis more because my husband was diagnosed with it a few years ago. Seeing him struggle with the outbreaks though was very hard! I wanted to make him feel better, but I honestly did not know what to do. When a friend told me that you could check here and gave me the website that has a lot of info on gout, I was so appreciative.

I was really excited once I started reading the articles, because they were not just basic articles explaining what gout is and why it occurs. ...continue reading His Gout is Much Better Now

Getting enough fiber was never an issue before the diets of people changed when processed foods became the bulk of what people eat. Now our dogs, when they were in the form of recently domesticated wolves, lived on meat. The alphas would eat the stomachs of their prey and get more fiber and nutrients due to the stomach contents of the prey. Now, with all of the breeding and interbreeding, dog digestive systems get quite upset. Add in processed dog foods and there is now a need for beneficial fiber for Rover's tummy to feel better.

Today's dogs would drop over if they ate like their wolf ancestors. When a wolf makes scat, you will find bone, hair and all kinds of stuff in it. ...continue reading Plain Pumpkin Puree is a Doggy Favorite

I talked to the guy who does the house inspection this morning. He had written up a report and talked to a plumber in plumber in Essex county NJ that he knew and did business with. Of course I did not need the guy to tell me that the bathroom on this place is a total disaster area. I needed to know if if could be fixed and if it could be fixed at a price that made sense. If you have an unlimited amount of cash or the ability, then anything can be fixed. That does not mean it makes sense to do it. Of course you can see that when some jerk crashes into your car and something happens like the frame gets bent. A car can look like it has relatively little damage to it, stuff that a body shop could fix no problem, but if the frame is bent it is going to be a total loss.

Of course any car that is relatively old can easily get more damage than it is worth. I used to have a car that was probably worth around 25 hundred when I bought it and the only reason I used it was that it had a trailer hitch and a big engine that could pull a trailer. So I used it on the weekend to pull my boat. One weekend some teenagers hot wired that car and took it out for a joyride. It ended up in a ditch and after that it was a total loss because by then the car was probably worth around 15 hundred dollars. You can do that much damage with a key if you are determined to be a jerk. The same sorts of concepts work on houses or anything else you could have.