My Friend is Trying to Fix Me Up

At first I was not going to go along with it, but I decided that there was not much to lose and that the only way to end it was to take this girl out. When I met her I was surprised at how attractive she is, but she has a really quirky personality and it is really hard to grasp at what she is saying some of the time. She told me that she works at this Singapore eyebrow embroidery place, but that did not really inform me of much. I just looked at her as though she were from outer space. In fact I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and when she explained it to me, that really did not change very much. She thought this was cute I guess or at least she seemed to pretend that this was how she felt. I got the feeling that she did not care that much about it one way or the other.

If you care eyebrow embroidery seems to refer to a couple of different ways that you can cosmetically enhance the eyebrow. In some cases they are using tattooing, although it is not always the sort of tattooing which is permanent. I do not think that what they do here is that, but it says that it lasts a long time on the web page that I looked at. At any rate I took this girl to this club, but she did not really seem to like dancing and she wanted to go some place else. It seemed as though she is one of those people who do not enjoy being in the middle of a large crowd. Some times I feel that way myself, so I did not think very much about it.