As follow up to my presentation at the BC Library Conference I have compiled a list of resources and key articles to help librarians interested in improving their understanding of the web. If you have additional recommendations please provide them in the comments as this is certainly not a complete list but rather a place to start.

Online Marketing
1. Underwire Newsletter: Full Support for Non-Techies
I have to recommend the Boxcar Marketing newsletter because many of the tips and advice I provide are for my publishing-related clients and arts organizations. Read the blog to get a sense of the content—Google Analytics, How-to, Social Media Tips, Email Marketing, Measuring Success—and sign up from there:
2. 6 Facebook Metrics Marketers Should Be Measuring
I'm a big believer in setting goals for social media, measuring success and making improvements.
3. Measuring Social Media
Another good article on measuring success of social media.
4. Tod Maffin
Tod's blog, email newsletter, Facebook page and training sessions are a handy way to become well versed in the web.
5. PR Tips to Get Press
This article has some great tips for startups pitching their products but as libraries implement products and digital services, this advice holds for writing press releases and pitching media on covering those products.
Retail Displays, Advertising & Merchandising
6. Use other social media tools to search for ideas
Search "library display", "book display", "window shopping", "infographic", "library poster", "vintage library poster" on Pinterest for ideas to implement in your library or for links to share on other social media platforms like Facebook.
7. Canadian Retail Industry Training & Resources
Look at retail industry magazines, guides and newsletters for ideas on store layouts, retail displays, effective marketing, and customer experiences. Libraries are similar in that you want visitor loyalty, brand recognition, smooth checkout processes and good online/in-location experiences.
8. Retail Displays
The below link includes a free ebook on how to attract customers with displays. I haven't read the ebook but a quick glanceat this article shows there are some practical pieces of advice here.
Email Marketing & Writing for the Web
Great site with info on how to nail the opening of your blog post, email subject lines and other super tips for writing for digital consumers.
10. Google Think: Reports
Look up industries like Restaurants and Retail (customer loyalty, capitalizing on walkby traffic, visitor experience), as well as Education and NGOs for movement building and technology opportunities.
Mobile & Web Design
11. Google Think Report on How Mobile Is Changing the In-Store Experience
Applicable to libraries: searchable catalogues, smartphone apps and web-friendly experiences.
12. Mobify
An adaptive platform for developers to create fast, responsive websites. Especially good for ecommerce, but applicable to library checkout as well.
13. A List Apart
Great site for design nerds. They publish great articles and books on various aspects of web design, content, user experience and have good resources on responsive web design.
14. The Perfect Web Page
Infographic-style article on the components of a perfect web page.
15. Conversion Rate Optimization
SiteTuners is the best! Get a few key landing pages assessed with the ExpressReview. The assessment will give you clear guidelines on how people interpret and likely use your landing page and how to improve it. Analytics
Analytics & Data Reporting
16. The Difference Between Web Reporting And Web Analysis
If you like data, you'll love Avinash Kaushik.
17. Best Web Metrics / KPIs for a Small, Medium or Large Sized Business
18. Luna Metrics Blog
Strong, reliable information on analytics, SEO and metrics for success.
19. Seer Interactive
Great SEO agency and excellent materials. Look for Wil Reynolds presentations on YouTube.
Big Thinkers & A Little Bit of Everything
20. Seth Godin
Lots of good info and insights into turning strangers into friends and friends into customers. Visitor experiences, customer insights and other goodies.
21. Karen McGrane
Think like a magazine, or rather like a magazine who is following Karen McGrane's advice. So think like NPR. Great video to watch, excellent, forward-thinking approach to data and the web. Metadata geeks, this is for you!
Lots of articles related to books and technology, good videos from their conferences on web matters, publishing and technology.
23. NextMedia Aggregation of Articles
Nextmedia aggregates articles related to publishing, lots of ebook and occassional library articles.
Not just for job hunters, this blog offers lots of posts related to particular types of jobs, but also lots of solid guest posts, interviews and tips for social media management.
25. Digital Book World
Digital Book World articles on "library" to stay in the know on major developments and stories about US libraries mostly.
26. iMedia Connection Articles
Lots of good articles on online marketing, including sure-fire ways to boost customer loyalty, and six tips to make great video.
27. Booknet Canada and TechForum
Look for their blog posts and videos from their conference. Here's an applicable one on library technology challenges and the New York Public Library.
28. Slideshare
Like the suggestion to search Pinterest for retail display ideas, you can search Slideshare for presentations on online marketing, libraries, edutech, publishing, ebooks and and other library-related keyword phrase.
Online Marketing Training
29. Online courses at
Learn at your own pace online.
30. Internet Marketing Conference
A big conference on marketing, various cities. Useful sessions.
31. 3-Day Web Conference for Smart Web Marketing
Any traning or conferences run by Capulet are excellent.
32. 20 Best Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2013
The year is almost half over but these conferences run annually and I agree that they offer strong content.
33. Talk to Boxcar Marketing about Staff Training
Boxcar Marketing offers tailored training sessions in online marketing. Half-day or full-day sessions cover topics like Advanced Google Analytics, Building a Marketing Strategy, Managing Social Media and other online marketing related subjects. Submit your questions or areas of interest in advance and I'll tailor the session to your needs. See what others had to say about my sessions. Contact details here.