If you are suffering from back pain, you cannot afford to be told conflicting advice and bad back pain tips. Believing and following through with a tip you have heard from either a friend, neighbor, or even a doctor needs to be proceeded with caution. Details are often left out and not thought out carefully. As an example, if you are told to stretch, make sure you start slow! Jumping into a new routine too fast can cause severe pain and increase your chance of more pain/chronic back pain. We want to help you avoid higher levels of pain and avoid hearing the most common yet worse back pain tips ever told.Worst Back Pain Tips

Knowing how to cure and solve back pain isn’t your specialty, and when suffering from pain, you’re desperate to trust what you hear, especially if it’s from a professional. You are in desperate need so we are here to encourage and warn you of some tips you should dodge or maybe digest them with a little more caution and thought. Avoiding these back pain tips can not only save you from pain but also save you a few dollars.

Tip #4: Start Lifting Weights to Strengthen Your Back – We are supportive of exercise and have seen it help many people with back pain, and there are many forms of exercise, but lifting weights is not one to help back pain. Many times weight lifting, even if weights may seem light, can often strain your back and cause stiffness, and lead to a weaker more damaged back.

Tip #3: Take A Pain Pill – Part of this is true. Pain pills only relieve the pain temporarily such as 3 or 4 hours and the back pain comes back. You then rely on the pain pills and may not realize the side effects and damage they are causing to other organs and parts of your body.

Tip #2: Back Surgery – This is the most common statement you’ll often hear from doctors, as a way to squeeze more money out of your insurance. Some doctors are trained to think back surgery is the only way out, which isn’t always bad, as some people don’t have another option. For those that have options, we recommend back surgery to be your last resort. Back surgery can cause stiffness after a couple years, and may remain long-term. Back surgeries are the most common failed surgeries. In fact, it’s so common that there is an official medical syndrome called (FBS) Failed Back Syndrome, or, also known as (FBSS) Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

Tip #1: Make Sure You Get A Lot Of Rest, Don’t Move Around Too Much –  This advice is often told to patients who are injured, although lying in bed or being a couch potato only stiffens your back and  causes lots of  built up tension. We encourage all of our readers to walk everyday as it loosens up stiffness in our lower back and helps release tension. Lying around will only make the problems worse. Although, be sure to only walk the speed and distance you are most comfortable with.

We hope you stay away from these back pain tips! To be reminded more often, sign up to our mailing list to the right. You will also be updated on new information relating to all things concerning back pain relief! OK now,what is the best way to relieve back pain, here is our recommended Product: Textrade Mattress!Textrade Mattress

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Underneath, the top layer pillow is the one thousand pocketed coils which are adjustable to support the body for a good night sleep. The fifteen gauge steel tempered coils help additionally to minimize the motion disturbances that cause by turning and tossing. In order to avoid sagging along the mattress edges, there is a border wire that runs around the mattress perimeter. It is incorporated with special coils to support the four corners of the Textrade king size mattress.

Product Features

  • Vacuum sealed and compressed for shipment, built-in wheels and handle on the box for at ease mattress relocation
  • King size mattress is assembled with 1000 15gauge hard steel coils for slight motion disturbance as well as body support along with border wire all over the perimeter.
  • Plush two and ½ inches thick pillow upper layered 20 denier foam: the mattress is covered with Damask quilted fabric
  • King size mattress from Textrade inner top design has a spring pillow use with bed frame platform or other frame centrally supported.
  • Measures 80 inch L by 60 inches W by 11 inches H- 5 year limited warranty
  • 100% made of polyester


The Textrade king size mattress provides lots of support and comfort to your body. It also offers additional padding located on the top of mattress to offer additional comfort. And because of the pillow, this makes the mattress lack firmness but still absolutely comfortable. Because it is built with one thousand coils, it supports and gives a natural and proper spine alignment.

This king size mattress is obtainable in a very reasonable price. The packaging is designed for shipping expediency as the Textrade king size mattress comes in its box, vacuum sealed and rolled. It is built with a handle and wheel in order to facilitate moving it easily from your front door all the way to your chosen bedroom.


Because of unique packaging of this king size mattress, it might not deflate to eleven inches as being showed. Most customers stated that this mattress only deflates at 8 or nine inches. Since it was created with one thousand coils, expect the comfort and the softness provided by this mattress.

Customer Review

The Textrade king size mattress received 4.6 out of 5 stars. Out of 30 customers, 23 of them rated the mattress with excellent five stars.


The Textrade king size mattress steps up when it comes to comfort, quality, affordability and set features. It is now easier to decide for those who are planning to purchase a pillow top mattress but doubting about what is the best one that possesses good quality. The Textrade king size mattress provides comfort and is accessible in a very reasonable price for you to experience a good night sleep.