We Want Hair on Our Heads but Nowhere Else!

It used to be that only women and male bodybuilders or swimmers would be concerned with removal of body hair on every part of the bodies except their heads. Most cultures prize having a full head of hair but want to remove every other hair follicle on the body. Well, except for mustaches and beards on men that have made a resurgence due to millennial hipsters. Places, such as IPL hair removal in Singapore, specialize in permanent hair follicle removal. The process actually eliminates each follicle's ability to make hair. It is a process done wherever you do not want hair to grow back.

If you are a woman, you are probably very familiar with needing to shave your legs on a regular basis or use depilatory creams and foams. If you are shaving your legs, you are likely shaving your underarms and bikini area too. You probably have endured razor burn, and possibly even rashes if you use the depilatory chemicals. Of which, most can be very harsh. Maybe you endure regular waxings to remove hair. That is more like Medieval torture than just getting rid of unwanted hair. This is why permanent hair removal centers that do IPL hair removal in Singapore are very popular. Just get rid of it once and for all. You go back to have each area treated as you wish, and then the hair stays gone.

Sure, it is an irony that people want more hair on their heads and less everywhere else. We will spend a fortune to keep hair on our heads, and we will buy expensive products to keep removing the hair everywhere else. You can save money on pricey razors, blade cartridges, foams, creams and gadgets to remove hair on an ongoing basis by getting areas of unwanted hair treated a little at a time.